Alexander “Lex” Levy is a an Connecticut Severance Lawyer and can advise you on your Connecticut Severance Agreement. Lex is a skilled civil trial lawyer and has helped numerous clients regarding their employment situations and has advised executives and employees regarding their employment agreements, non-compete agreements, offer packages and severance packages. Lex will work with you on any type of employment agreement to help you obtain the best result and negotiate with your future, current or former employer.

Receiving a severance agreement can be a very stressful time. You have just learned that your employment is ending and your former employer in insisting that you sign an agreement waiving any rights that you may have against the company and possibly preventing you from obtaining employment in the industry that you have worked in for many years. This is why it is crucial that you have a Connecticut Severance Lawyer review your severance agreement so that you can be advised on your rights, whether you have a potential claim or lawsuit against the company, advise you on any changes, additions or deletions that should be made from the severance agreement, and determine whether you have leverage to try and increase the amount of severance that is currently being offered to you by the company.

The important part to any severance negotiation is to have leverage to use to increase the amount being offered. Leverage could be in the form of a non-compete or potential legal claim against the company. Lex has used this type of leverage to increase the amount of severance being offered by the company so that you receive the proper amount of severance pay so that you can continue to support yourself and your family during the job loss.

Please contact us if you are in need of a Connecticut Severance Lawyer so we can begin the review and possible negotiation of your severance agreement.