Maryland Severance Lawyer | MD Severance Lawyer

Have you been offered a severance agreement and are looking for a Maryland Severance Lawyer?

A Maryland Severance Lawyer can assist you in the review and negotiation of your severance agreement.  It can be a scary and intimidating time to receive a severance package from your company.  You are typically unaware that the severance is coming and you are being asked to sign a document from the company that it was paid thousands of dollars to its attorneys to prepare so that the company is protected.  You may also not want to speak with your former employer on your own and want a Maryland Severance Lawyer to handle the negotiations on your behalf.  We can assist you with both of these items.

First, a Maryland Severance Lawyer will conduct a thorough review and analysis of your severance agreement.  This will consist of reviewing the terms of the severance agreement and scheduling a meeting either in person or by telephone.  During the meeting, we will explain each of the section in detail, make proposed changes to the severance and discuss whether you have any potential claims against the company that you would be waiving if you were to sign the severance agreement as-is.  Second, We will then make the determination whether it makes sense, based on the potential leverage that you may have, to hire a Maryland Severance Lawyer to negotiate with your former employer to try and increase the amount of the severance currently being offered and to increase the benefits.

We suggest that you hire a Maryland Severance Lawyer to assist you with the negotiation because you will usually be able to speak with the company’s lawyer to try and make the changes.  If you were to handle it on your own, you may only deal with Human Resources and they may not be willing to listen or make the necessary changes to the severance agreement.  Please call us to schedule a meeting with a Maryland Severance Lawyer.