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Our Severance Lawyers are currently admitted to handle severance throughout the United States. Our severance lawyers have reviewed and negotiated more than a thousand severance agreements. We have received several awards and accolades from our peers and have been included in several lists as some of the best employment lawyers. Since 2006, our lawyers have been included in the Super Lawyers List for Employment Law and Super Lawyers Rising Stars for Employment Law.

Severance Review

Before signing any severance agreement presented to you by your Human Resource department, you should have it professionally reviewed. Our employment attorneys offer a flat-rate severance review to read through your severance agreement, help you understand all of the terms, discuss why you were selected to be terminated and provide you with our comments and changes in writing. We will cut through the legal jargon to give you a better understanding of what benefits you are being offered, what changes should be made and what additional things you might be able to receive. Contact us today to learn more.

Severance Negotiation

In addition to offering professional review of your severance agreement, our severance attorneys also offer a flat-fee based severance negotiation package. We will work on your behalf to negotiate better terms for your severance with your employer. We know how to present your best interests during the negotiation process. We will contact your employer and discuss in detail with them your situation, why we believe the employer may have violated the law by terminating your employment and work with your employer to help you receive the severance agreement or separation package that you deserve. Please call us to discuss.

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