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If you’ve recently received a severage package, we know you may have a lot of emotions. Anxiety, anger, frustration—maybe you feel some relief that your employer offered you money but also some uncertainty about whether you should accept it. That’s where the Severance Lawyers can help.

We are a national network of experienced employment lawyers specializing in severance review. We help you answer all of your questions regarding your termination and severance package. We will thoroughly review the agreement, meet with you for up to an hour and provide you with our written comments.

You may not feel like you have any negotiating power, but our team of Severance Lawyers have been successful in improving the severance terms for the vast majority of our clients. You’ve worked hard—now let us work for you.

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Nationwide Employment Severance Lawyers

Your employment severance package is a binding agreement between you and your company that needs a legal review. Severance Lawyers help you navigate, review, and negotiate severance disclosures. Our attorneys work in major cities around the United States and can negotiate severance pay in any industry and for any position level. We will connect you with the right lawyer for your situation.

Almost certainly, your former employer worked with their legal team to draft a severance agreement. Whether your severance offer came as part of a mass layoff or an individual termination, employment lawyers have worked with your company to create a severance package that primarily protects their interests and limits the risk of future litigation.

It’s only fair that you have lawyers protecting your interests, too.

We know that receiving a severance package can be challenging and overwhelming. That’s why we treat every case with a compassionate attitude and individual attention. Severance Lawyers is an award-winning law firm with an unflinching commitment to helping clients transition from their former employers as smoothly and as successfully as possible. Your protection and best interests are considered every step of the way.

We are dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your severance package. Since 2006, we have been selected by our peers to the Super Lawyers List for Employment Law and Super Lawyers Rising Stars for Employment Law and named Best Lawyers.

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What To Do Before Signing Your Severance Package

When you receive your severance agreement from your Human Resource department, remember, you do not have to sign it right away. Despite any pressure you may feel, you are legally entitled to take your time and consider the offer. There are several things you will want to do before signing the documents.

  1. Have it professionally reviewed by severance lawyers.
  2. Discuss with your employment severance lawyer the terms of your agreement, why job termination is occurring, and any comments or changes your lawyer proposes.
  3. Make necessary changes to the agreement.
  4. Negotiate.

Severance packages can come with a lot of legal jargon. We restate the legalities and discuss review points to your document in terms you will understand. Our employment lawyers offer flat-rate severance reviews. Call us today for more information.


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How it Works


Severance Review
Flat-Rate - $600

Your severance agreement should benefit you, not just your employer. Your package may include a non-disclosure agreement or non-compete clause that primarily helps your former company, not you.

A severance review allows you to take a consideration period to have a severance lawyer look over the terms of the package. Your employment lawyer will review, recommend, and discuss your documents to find what more you can put in them for your benefit. We also understand the impact that severances can have on you and your family in the long term. Our team is here to help you make the most out of your situation.

Severance Negotiation

Once you have your severance documents reviewed, you have the opportunity to negotiate additional terms. You can take the amendments to the HR department yourself, or our employment severance lawyers can negotiate on your behalf. Severance negotiations are essential for getting the most out of your agreement. These negotiations will ensure you have the right plan in place as you sign your severance package, protecting your bottom line as much as your employer is protecting theirs. Our severance lawyers help with any questions and explanations in negotiations.


When You Need an Advocate, Contact Us

We know how pressing and time-sensitive this matter is to you. When you contact us, we will respond within 24 hours to review your severance agreement. Our lawyers will take the time to hear your story, answer your questions, and address your concerns.

We will make a recommendation of which items should be added, deleted, or amended in your employer’s severance agreement. If you’d like to take it from there, Severance Lawyers will empower you to negotiate directly with your employer by giving you all the information you need. On the other hand, if you would prefer to have us negotiate on your behalf, you are welcome to hire one of our attorneys to represent you to your former employer.

There are no dumb questions. Nothing is off the table. We’ve helped thousands of clients claim the benefits they were entitled to, and we are ready to help you next.

We specialize in helping employees across the United States and Washington D.C. We know that each state has different laws and employment standards. We are a team of specialists serving as employment severance lawyers licensed to practice in each state.

Contact us to schedule your free consultation. If you have a severance agreement that you’d like to upload to jumpstart the conversation, feel free—but this is optional. We will discuss all the details of your situation during the consultation.

Click your state below to find out more severance information.

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