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Mississippi Severance Lawyers

Mississippi Severance Pay Laws

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Easy 4-Step Process for Mississippi Severance Packages Review

Step 1.

Call us or email your agreement to

Step 2.

Our office will schedule a date and time for the meeting (either in person, Zoom, or via phone). All meetings can be scheduled within 24 hours.

Step 3.

Our Mississippi severance package lawyer will conduct a thorough review of the agreement before discussing it carefully with you and answering your questions.

Step 4.

Our Mississippi attorneys will send you a detailed email regarding any changes, revisions, or other items in your Mississippi severance package that need addressing with your previous employer. You will then have the option to negotiate with your employer directly on your behalf to retain us to negotiate for you to try to improve the terms and amount of severance pay.

Severance and Employment Law in Mississippi

Employers in Mississippi are not obligated to offer severance pay to terminated employees. Therefore, if your employer is offering you a severance package, it is important to understand that they may have expectations in return. Usually, employers offer severance pay in exchange for your agreement to not pursue legal actions in the future or signing a non-compete or non-disclosure agreement.

If you're unsure about your employer's requests and whether or not the severance agreement is in your best interest, it would be helpful to consult with a knowledgeable employment attorney who is familiar with Mississippi law.

How to Calculate Severance in Mississippi

If you receive a Mississippi severance agreement from your employer, it may be unclear what they are asking you to sign. It's advisable to have an experienced employment attorney review the agreement before agreeing to it or making adjustments. Our severance lawyers are skilled professionals with a wealth of experience handling such agreements in Mississippi. They can assist in reviewing and negotiating your severance package to safeguard your rights and obtain the best possible benefits.

Mississippi Severance Package Review & Negotiation

Before signing any severance document in Mississippi, it's crucial to have a skilled employment attorney in Mississippi review it. Seeking legal advice is the most effective approach to make certain that your employer provides you with all the benefits you are entitled to under the Mississippi severance agreement.

Some of the provisions that should be included in severance packages are:

  • Severance pay: Severance pay is a financial benefit employers offer to departing employees. It provides compensation based on the length of service and other criteria set forth by the employer. Typically, it is used as an incentive to encourage workers to accept termination without taking legal action against the company.
  • Medical benefits: Most severance packages include continued medical coverage for a certain period of time following termination, allowing you and your family access to critical care when needed.
  • References: A good severance package should also include positive references from your former employer that can be used in future job searches or other business endeavors. 
  • Dispute resolution: Having a dispute resolution clause in your severance agreement allows you and your former employer to resolve any disputes before they escalate into costly litigation. 
  • Confidentiality: Many companies require employees to sign a severance agreement to keep confidential all information learned while working with the company, such as salary details or trade secrets.

Your Rights in Mississippi

If your employer pressures you to sign the severance package immediately, know that you have the right to a review period. You can take time to consider the offer and are not obligated to make the same decision as your colleagues. It is also possible to negotiate the terms of the agreement. Our employment attorneys in Mississippi can assist you in reviewing the offer and guide you on the best course of action. With our extensive experience in Mississippi employment law, you can be confident that you are getting the most out of your severance agreement.

Who We Are

Severance Lawyers is a well-known group that assists clients in receiving appropriate severance and has been recognized nationwide. Our lawyers have been listed in the Super Lawyers List for Employment Law and Super Lawyers Rising Stars for Employment Law since 2006. In addition, we were awarded the title of Employment Law Firm of the Year by Corporate Intl Magazine for 2010 and 2012, and we were given the AI Business Team Excellence Award. we have also been featured in the Top 40 under 40 Lawyers listing.

Our attorneys in Mississippi have the necessary expertise and proficiency to help you comprehend your severance agreement in Mississippi thoroughly. This will ensure that you have peace of mind, knowing that you are receiving everything entitled to you in your severance package.

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Client reviews

    “Would recommend Paul to anyone.”

    This law firm helped me achieve the results that I needed. Would recommend Paul to anyone that feels as though they have been wronged and need legal guidance and assistance.

    - Al W.
    “They gave my case all the time and attention that was needed to be successful.”

    My experience with Severance Lawyers was excellent. They gave my case all the time and attention that was needed to be successful. They were a calming and confident presence during a difficult and uncertain time for me. Their guidance was outstanding at all times, prompt, professional,  timely and open for calls and quick updates. They invested the time to work through all of my questions and issues. I can’t thank them enough and would hire them again.

    - Wendy G.
    “From start to finish Tom was there to help me out every step of the way with our case.”

    Tom and his staff understand the law very well. They are quick to return calls, take the initiative, and explain things in a way I can understand. From start to finish Tom was there to help me out every step of the way with our case. I am glad to have Tom and his team on my side. I simply cannot thank them enough!

    - Michelle M.
    “Helped turn my lemons into lemonade.”

    I found myself in a challenging & stressful situation that required legal representation and their attorney Paul Castronovo handled it beyond my expectations.  Paul is incredibly experienced/knowledgeable and I just felt like I was in good hands the entire time.  Paul has a calming demeanor too–which is helpful in these stressful situations. Paul helped turn my lemons into lemonade.

    - Tucker W.
    “His confidence shined through instilling the confidence in me and peace of mind having him by my side.”

    Tom McKinney’s prompt attention, articulate and comprehensive advice addressed my Employment Agreement related issue. His confidence shined through instilling the confidence in me and peace of mind having him by my side. If you’re dealing with the proverbial ‘blood sucking’ company, look no further than Tom’s voice of reason.

    - Sweta M.
    “He was professional and knowledgeable in employment law.”

    Going to Tom and his team for my case was the best decision I made. He was professional and knowledgeable in employment law. He helped me reach a resolution and I could not recommend him enough for anyone else out there.

    - Austin S.
    “I have referred him to friends in NJ and NY.”

    Tom McKinney is one of the best attorneys that I know…whether to negotiate on your behalf or reviewing your agreement to make sure you are getting maximum value for your compensation. From stock options to deferred compensation.  I have referred him to friends in NJ and NY.

    - Sean C.
    “Tom was prudent in having me use his services and I did not overpay when not needed.”

    I had Tom review my severance agreement. He provided a lot of valuable insight. I was able to go back to my employer with various points and double my package. Tom was prudent in having me use his services (told me to go back to my employer before fully engaging him) and I did not overpay when not needed.   Other lawyers could have easily taken advantage of my situation and over-lawyered the situation.

    - Joe K.

Have Questions?

We Have Answers!
  • How long do I have to sign the severance documents?

    When companies terminate employees and provide a severance package, the goal of the severance is to benefit both the company and the employee. Therefore, the employee has time to review the agreement. Review timelines depend on employee age and the number of people terminated simultaneously.

    • Employees under the age of 40 – No set time frame, but it must be reasonable and ample enough to review and understand the components.
    • Employees over the age of 40 – 21 days to review and sign and 7 days to reconsider and revoke your signature.
    • Multiple terminations at once – 45 days to review and sign and 7 days to reconsider and revoke your signature.
  • How is severance pay calculated?

    Several factors go into severance pay amounts. Employees in higher management positions may receive additional benefits like longer pay terms, office equipment, or medical benefits.

    Typical payouts can last up to 26 weeks and go by the following calculations:

    • Hourly Employees: Number of years with company X 1 week of regular pay = Severance Pay $ Total
    • Salaried Employees: Number of years with company X 2 weeks of regular pay = Severance Pay $ Total
  • Am I entitled to severance pay?

    No, most companies provide a severance agreement when they lay off or fire an employee. Offering a severance package is entirely optional for the company. Most companies only do it to protect themselves from future lawsuits, the employee going to a competitor company, or adverse claims from the employee. The company takes multiple factors into account when preparing the packages.